The project involves work of maintenance of an existing local commercial destination located in Bari, on Via G. Amendola crossbar. The property will become a selling point of a major national retail chain.

The object of intervention building consists of a single room of rectangular shape with the frame structure consists of a.c. and vaulted into armed bricks, the size of ml. 54,97x19,00 and then the gross surface area of square meters. 1044. Outside of the main building, on the west side, there is a small compartment sized ml. 3,40x3,90 that will be used as a technical room for plants, while in the rear there is an old shed sized ml. 13,97x5,55. The discovery pertaining surface is square meters. 1569.

The work planned are those needed to set up in existing local a food supermarket.

The planivolumetrico facility will remain unchanged. Consideration will be made all the routine maintenance required: will be replaced floors and fixtures, refurbished plaster and painting, accommodated the bare grounds and the fence.

In brief summary, the surface of the room includes: a) the entrance area and boxes with attached toilets for the public, including two toilets, one of which is wheelchair accessible, separate the entrance area hallway appropriate; b) the sales area also including three separate departments for butchers, delicatessen, fruit and vegetables; c) three groups changing rooms - dressing - W.C. Personnel, including one dedicated to the meat department and two others, broken down by sex, in general service of all staff; d) a room for the movement of goods.

Building Photo

Rendering, graphics and drawings