The Masseria San Pietro project began in 2001. The project involved the construction of a tourism-hospitality complex and included the following jobs: the recovery of the existing farmhouse, designed to accommodate the representation and initial reception area of the hotel complex, as well as a small number of rooms, all contained in the volume of the existing facility (lobby, reception, lounges, kitchen, restaurant for internal users, business centre, etc., on the ground floor, and a number of rooms on the first floor); the creation of an external residence containing additional rooms in a newly-built section detached from the farm; the renovation and extension of another old building located in the immediate vicinity of the farm, containing an underground oil mill, intended to accommodate an outdoor restaurant. Besides the above requirements, a spa was also planned, now considered an essential service in accommodation of this kind, and a small outdoor pool. The indicated volume, which on the north side makes use of an existing sheepfold and on the east side is up against the farm fence, was organized with a planimetric and volumetric configuration such as to have a very small impact on the complex as a whole. This was made possible by adopting various solutions: the use of the former sheepfold, the limited height of the new section in extension on the east side (the roof of which does not emerge from the existing boundary wall in the part adjacent to it), the gently-inclined pitched roofs for the remaining part, together with a careful use of materials (traditional tiles in yellow paste for the tiled roofs, wood trusses for the supporting roof frame, outside wall facing made of whitewashed tufa stone following adequate joint stretching, indoor and outdoor floors paved in local stone).

Rendering, graphics and drawings