The project is for a "Free beach with facilities located in Nardo' (LE), locality "St. Catherine" on the seafront via E. Filiberto, in the place better known as "aspide ". The site is identified in the recent Municipal Plan of Coste (P.c.c.), which rethinks the coast of Marine neretine.

It should be highlighted that the main actions foreseen in P.c.c. (Both the "beach clubs" that "free beaches with services") would amount to real elements of street furniture, especially those provided in marinas "S. Catherine "and" S. Maria to the bathroom ": these interventions, therefore, characterize and identify the image, the face of the city by one of the most valuable points of view, namely that towards the sea shore. Hence, the importance and the importance, in terms of architectural and urban quality of such interventions.

The whole design approach stems from the exhaustive study of the site for town planning, environmental and landscape, and is aimed at the best possible inclusion and integration in the context, as well as to sustainable mobility.

The project involves the construction of a seaside structure built with precarious character artifacts, removable, wooden. E 'will be a removable wooden platform, just lying on the ground, whose ground plan and elevation shape adapts to the morphology of the coast. The platform is intended to accommodate cots and mats, in addition to artifact (kiosk) containing bathing facilities and beach services.

The project involves bathing equipment on only 50% of the state property concerned and its waterfront; the remainder will be left untouched and used as a simple beach. It was considered appropriate to leave to the free use the portion of the concession area in the flatter and less rugged, with the aim of better public accessibility.

From a design point of view and composition, the plant takes on a jagged and undulating configuration that follows and satisfies the morphological profile of the coast is planimetrically altimetrically that, in view of the full integration and environmental sustainability. In particular, on the side facing the sea, the project includes a winding and undulating course that echoes the coastal profile and provides them with a strong symbolic value to "wave" marine. In order to guarantee the maximum flexibility to the disabled the footboard is articulated on only two differences in height. The sides of the structure will be visible from the seafront shielded by a curtain of green lodging with essence of the place on a trellis of wood, so as to have a real "shield" green. All building products are made with eco-friendly materials and can be easily removed to the ground, or in wood.

Under the eco-compatibility of the structure profile, we have been provided for a number of technical solutions aimed at saving water and energy resources, as well as appropriate management methods. In particular, with respect to the saving of energy resources, will use solar thermal and photovoltaic panels of the "hybrid" type of new generation (designed on the roof of the kiosk-bar and shielded by a crowning parapet with wooden slats, thereby obtaining a complete architectural integration - plant).

Areas with a service car parking beach services have been identified towards achieving sustainable mobility and optimal use of the structure.

It must be said, in this regard, as all marine neretine (in fact planned urbanistically 70s) are particularly deficient in this respect. The roads and the existing parking areas are already insufficient for residents only, because of the urban load had been created over the years (due to second homes and residential homes): this obviously causes disruption and severely penalizes tourism, as well as compromising the environment and the landscape (creating uncontrolled pollution from vehicular traffic and views of the waterfront occluded by the same vehicles, for example). The real solution to the problem (which is identified by the CCP to serve the bathing establishments), in line with current and been determined urban planning guidelines (at Community and regional level) that favor environmental protection and sustainability and landscape, is the identification of one or more areas upstream of marine locations (with access from an existing main road network) on which provision of car parking lots before reaching pedonalmente, or shuttle-bus services, marine themselves (solution also adopted from any resort worthy of the name, any where, Italy and abroad).

To the free beach with facilities in the project, these areas are in fact in the hilly area immediately adjacent to the plant and allow access to the same through pedestrian walkways. Is avoided in this way, however, the congestion of the existing road on the waterfront via Emanuele Filiberto, with all the attendant benefits, decidedly favoring sustainable mobility.

Parking is provided in the context of fully integrated, on slopes and terraces, conceived and designed from and respecting the morphology of the land and of existing tree species, with the aim of environmental sustainability.

And 'therefore it provided a "sustainable parking", ie an integrated parking as much as possible with the environment and its features (topography, slopes, tree emergencies, etc.). Parking will be provided with a special bus service.

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