The project involves building renovation and the reduced extension of two historic buildings, dating back to the early 20th century, located in Gallipoli, Corso Roma, to be used as an accommodation facility. The buildings, which are adjacent, have the same floor plan and elevation and are of the same type (only the tympana of the door windows differ on the first floor overlooking Via Roma). The facade onto Via Roma has kept its original fine workmanship features, while the facade onto Via Pagliano, probably created at source as a secondary "poor" front, has undergone several changes over time and clearly belongs to a later period and is devoid of any historical and architectural value. The renovation work was keyed to the following criteria: the restructuring will be carried out in total respect of the original connotation of the building, both on the facades and inside; the facade onto Via Roma will not change, while the cluttered facade onto Via Pagliano will be given a more composed and uniform appearance.

Building Photo

Rendering, graphics and drawings