The intervention project involves the construction of a building used for commercial activities and apartments in Nardò (LE), Salento.

Under the compositional profile - architecture, the building is characterized by the modern rational style, with clear references Figurative forefront Cubist early '900, but revised and revisited these days, even from the perspective of environmental sustainability. Hence originated the use of the structure with reinforced concrete frame, open-plan, the levels marked chromatically and geometrically from the plans of the floors that flow and overlap elevation rise to swings and porches spaces, the desired and sought asymmetry on the fronts that originates views and different angles and changing, the alternation of full and empty both horizontal and vertical, the facades with large windows, the widespread "green" shielding think of all the schedules.

The body of the building has a rectangular shape and is on two streets: the main fronts are placed on Via Bonfante and Via Piccinni; the intersection of the two roads is visible and is implemented on the front side by an "empty" corner and projecting on a pilotis floor of double height.

The main facade on Via Bonfante is marked by the elegant and studied spatial alternation (horizontal and vertical) of solids and voids, or opaque portions coated in porcelain tile and transparent portions with windows or porches spaces. The façade on Via Piccinni, also contains and includes the architectural composition the restricted access (on side street) on the basement level that houses the box-car.

The parapets completely transparent crystal and seamless accentuate the horizontal lines of various levels and give a touch of lightness to the whole building. The study and the placement of special sun shields "green" (with climbing vegetation and tree species) complete architecture and characterizes its vocation of environmental sustainability (in addition to renewable energy plants housed on the terminal cover).

Under the distribution profile - functional, the ground floor is entirely used for commercial activities, the upper floors are intended for residence. The organization and the study of the interior and exterior areas are characterized by privacy, obtained through a skilful alternation and handling of porches and appurtenant spaces of each building unit.

Building Photo

Rendering, graphics and drawings