The project concerns the construction of a single-family detached house. The building lot is almost square shaped and is part of a housing development project now to a large extent completed. The building consists of a basement and a ground floor and has a classic traditional layout, the choice of which was strongly influenced by the scenic surroundings of the "Cenate" where many period villas are to be found which represent architectural specimens of outstanding importance. Far from trying to borrow from what is by now a unique architectural style, a solution was nevertheless adopted considered respectful and in harmony with the existing built-up fabric. From these premises stems the typological choice, the use of traditional materials, the simple and geometric planimetric-volumetric layout, with the exclusion of any overhangs, such as balconies and canopies, and the revival of some vintage architectural and construction elements (the cornice crowning the building, the cornices marking the openings, the balustrade columns, etc.).

Building Photo

Rendering, graphics and drawings