The design choices are strongly influenced by the context in which it operates, albeit also inspired building types spread in different locations. The surroundings lot of interest has the characteristics of an almost hilly landscape, with significant differences in height and tree crops tall (pine). Complying with what the same morphology of the terrain suggests, in order to make a good insert in the area, the building is placed in the highest batch portion, while the driveway is located in the depressed position. With regard to formal and stylistic aspects, there is to say as of Nardo sea are characterized by important examples of nineteenth-century suburban villas, some splendid richness of detail or working on the front lines, as well as the carefully manicured gardens inside. These remarkable achievements, as well as the original type of nineteenth-century classical villa, are characterized by wide open spaces and a pronounced horizontality in the volumetric shape. The lot of interest has a compact size, and surface area achievable is also limited by the respect of the specific distances from the boundaries laid down by the legislation plan. In light of the above considerations, in view of a strong relationship but dialectic with the past, the revival of a classic type of building, the villa, is reinterpreted and contextualized today. The planivolumetrico plant project, can not have the character of horizontality for the shape of the lot, it is placed typologically between the neoclassical villa and the nineteenth century palace developed vertically on several floors. The last section, provided with a wooden pavilion roof, refines the building, harmonizing it with the context, as "hill" (characterized by uneven and tree crops), in the spirit of the country manor, the manor house. The curtain wall of fronts continues across the roof slab of the first floor, up to the eaves of the roof, so as to propel the building and mitigate the impact of reduced interpiani (3 mt) compared to those, much more full-bodied, (4-5 meters) that characterized the old town houses. The strictly symmetrical fronts reproduce architectural and formal elements contemporaries at the time of construction of the villas previously described (crowning cornices, balconies, frames around the openings).

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