The design choices are strongly influenced by the context in which it operates. The project area is located near the resort "Dine", characterized by important examples of nineteenth-century suburban villas, some splendid richness of detail or working on the front lines, as well as the carefully manicured gardens inside. The surroundings lot of interest, also has the characteristics of an almost hilly landscape, with significant differences in height and tall tree crops (pines). The strong contextualization sought the intervention resulted in geometric choices, formal and planivolumetriche that originate from the relationship with the surrounding environment. First, the attack on the ground and the shape of the building have, planimetrically, jagged design which incorporates the geometric slope of the side of the road lot. Similarly, it was considered the existing altimetry, articulating the landscaping of various levels (similar to terracing), taking up the road and morphological profile of the area. The property, although composed of three separate apartments and each equipped with its own relevance space, presents a typology as an organic building, unitary, a single building complex, not fragmented into many units. In this regard, the stairway to the first floor is hidden by the front of the main wall. The plant is looking planivolumetrico influenced in part spontaneous and the morphology of the environment. Thus, for example, the foreground fronts are positioned relatively with opposite trend to those of the ground floor, albeit partial correction of the adjacent wood trusses the entrance to the apartment of the said first plane. As part of a dialectical relationship but strong with the past will be repeated architectural and formal elements (crowning cornices, balconies, frames around the openings) coeval at the time of construction of the villas described above, situated at "Dine". The lightweight wooden trusses placed on the two short sides of the building, are well suited to the characterization "hill" and "spontaneous" of the surrounding landscape, the trip lot, as well as partially rebalance the volume of these fronts.

Building Photo

Rendering, graphics and drawings