The project area was narrow and elongated. The type of buildings involved were terrace houses, simplex (on one floor) and duplex (on two floors). All homes feature a garage and a wine cellar in the basement, directly connected via a private internal staircase. The driveway to the basement is by means of four ramps. As regards architectural aspects, the aim of the project was to achieve two objectives: to give consistency to an architectural complex consisting of several different types; to create a strong shadow effect on the facades, in order to "break up" the long fronts on the roads, which, because of the conformation of the lot, have obligatory geometric rigidity. The second objective was pursued through a series of empty and solid sections, the curtain of balconies and portals which frame them, the transverse beams covering some areas and the use of different colours for the different architectural elements.

Building Photo

Rendering, graphics and drawings