The type of building envisaged by the project for each lot is the two-family residential unit split into two floors, each containing one dwelling unit. On the ground floor is a porch in front of the living room. A small porch, as well as a multipurpose room, has also been planned on the ground floor for the first floor units, to allow better use of the private gardens. The technical premises for installations have been organized and distributed so as to avoid any subsequent disorderly "improvisation". The entrances, large parking areas and green areas belonging to the individual units are organized so as to constitute a tidy overall structure and reduce mutual interference to the utmost. Special care and commitment will be dedicated to the greenery layout, which will be given priority over all planned work, also because the area involved is totally devoid of any form of vegetation due to the subsoil which consists of tufa rock outcrops. The entire job has been strongly influenced by the pre-existing Pagani-Cenate strip, a context of great environmental quality both because of the existing vegetation, and because most existing buildings are historic villas, spread across a sparse fabric, with architectural events of great importance in the "Cenate". Far from trying to change unrepeatable architectures, solutions have nevertheless been adopted which are respectful of the existing built-up fabric. Because of the above, the decision was taken to use traditional materials, with a simple and straightforward planimetric-volumetric layout, the exclusion of any overhang, such as balconies and canopies, the repetition of certain architectural and structural elements, the intense use of greenery, which will surround the planned buildings (the "built-up" part represents less than 20% of the total area), in order to minimize the impact of the project. The buildings will be made entirely of local tufa stone, in part of "Lecce" type stone, left exposed in the terminal crowning cornice and in the frames that mark the openings which will be simply plastered with traditional lime mortars on flat backgrounds. The window frames, of traditional type, will consist of wooden windows and the pergola joists will also be made of wood. These will shade the parking areas, the small balconies in front of the first-floor lounges and the access stairways. The roadways and parking areas will be compacted with crushed stones. All the greenery will be lawn and/or natural land areas.

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