The Zuccaro Palace is in the heart of the historic center of Nardo, a short distance from the Duomo Square, on the corner between Via Garibaldi and Via Duomo.
Significant example of architecture of the XVI - XIX century, is one of the greatest examples of stately home of Nardo.
The mansion follows harmonious nineteenth-century architectural lines. The main façade on the Via Duomo, punctuated by tall pedimented windows and closed by an elegant overhanging cornice, contributes, together with the side façade of the Episcopal seminary, to characterize the urban scene at a key point of the ancient Nardo.

The new hotel destination specified in the project involves only limited restructuring measures, both because the existing structure is well suited to the new use, and because you are deliberately limited to the indispensable innovations (essentially the inclusion of sanitary facilities) in order to preserve preserving the original features of the building. Which necessarily entailed the renunciation of the use of many environments that will remain vain disengagement passersby, especially on the first floor, where among other things it was deliberately left intact the living room, as it will lose its charm. The price to pay was a small number of rooms.

Moreover, the restructuring and the new destination rest their assumptions exclusively on the charm that can give the structure a proper restoration. Will therefore be preserved and enhanced the original features of the existing container, as they have great historical significance and particular value, trying as much as possible to leave intact the "signs" of the time, with consolidating and stored treatments that tend to protect and preserve what has survived to modern times.

Even the functional reorganization has been set in accordance with these criteria.
Below the raised garden share will be made to the service at the hotel garage, technical rooms of the plants, the technical services of the kitchen staff and the pantry. The alpine location of the garden, raised more than 3.00 ml. compared to Via Garibaldi, allows to get to below its current share ml.2,40 the height of the garage, and the thickness of the floor covering and a roof garden extended to the entire surface, so that the intervention It will not lead to any alteration of the state of existing.

The statements on the two streets, like all internal fronts, will be subject to pure restoration work, under the direct control of the Superintendent, as the property subject to monumental constraint.

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