The project concerns the construction of a building for offices, shops and apartments.
Under the compositional-architectural profile, the building is characterized by a purely rational style: this is exemplified in particular by the presence of pure volumes, the use of an open-plan reinforced concrete frame structure and facades-to-ceiling with large windows (curtain wall).
The body of the building has a trapezoidal shape and overlooks two streets: the main fronts face onto Via Generale Cantore and Via Bovio; the intersection of the two roads is visible and is implemented on the front side by a fully glazed double-height corner.

The main facade on Via G. Cantore is marked by an elegant and rigorous horizontal alternation of empties and solids, or opaque portions covered in Carrara marble and transparent portions (and partially reflective) with full-height windows.

The front facing onto via Bovio overturns the empty-solid alternation in a vertical direction, meaning the fully glazed facade (at higher levels) and openings that house the pedestrian and vehicle entrances. It is also highly wavy and characterized by the plastic effect of intersections between the flat surface of the vertical façade and the curved surface of the stairwell in facing concrete.
A reinforced-concrete terminal crowning, massive but at the same time with sharp and dynamic shapes, coordinates and completes the whole composition at the top.

From a distribution – functional point of view, the ground floor is entirely used as front and back offices, while the upper floors are dedicated to apartments and offices.

On the second floor is the headquarters of Gaballo Engineering.

Building Photo