The project involves the renovation and use change of use of a building in Gallipoli along the inside crossbar of the former SS. 274, already for the storage of means of firm household waste disposal service.

The property will become a selling point of a major national retail chain.

The building consists of ground floor only. It has a total gross area of approximately 1,050 square meters. The discovery pertaining area amounts to 2,916 square meters ..
The soil is typified by the current P.R.G. as a homogeneous area B (the existing capital area) where it is expressly permitted the intended commercial use in the project.

The project involves a major restructuring with change of use of existing building destination to obtain a food supermarket.
The planivolumetrico facility will remain unchanged. The existing partitions will be demolished and built the new interior partition walls and some changes to the external openings derived from the functional requirements of the new shopping destination.
They will also run all maintenance and renovation work required by both the local reuse is the state of abandonment in which versa for years. Will therefore be replaced floors and fixtures, refurbished plaster and painting, accommodated the bare grounds and the fence.

In brief summary, the surface of the room includes: a) the sale area with an adjacent group of toilets for the public, including a wheelchair accessible bathroom and two other water-closet separate for men and women separated from the entrance area to the sale by special dressing; b) two separate departments for gastronomy and assisted sales of meat; c) a storage area for the reserve of goods; d) two dressing groups - anteroom - W.C. for distinguished personnel for men and women.

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