The project concerns the construction of a summer residence to be implemented in Sta Caterina di Nardo on overview on.

The lot affected by the project presents a narrow and elongated shape and a nearly constant slope, between the east side of the border with the road and the western border Overview back. Good part of the lot is covered by vegetation of pine trees, a few fine, and for much now dry.

In the central part there is a clearing in which was located the building, at a distance of approximately 40 ml. Overview from the street.

The existence of the clearing, the reduced surface area of the building in the project (the surface of which, approximately 140 sq m., Occupies only 5% of the total lot area), and the ability to derive the parking surfaces and the boulevard access into the trees, will help maintain the facility existing vegetation, except a few units that also have already exhausted their cycle.

The construction project is constituted by a single body of the building comprising four units of approximately 70 square meters. each, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. The planimetric conformation is essentially dictated by the shape of the lot and respect the distances from frontiers.

The reduced volume of construction, which has a height smaller than the trees that surround it, is developed in simple and linear shapes, in harmony with the other measures already implemented in the subdivision. The trick to coat the walls of the ground floor with natural stone, willing "opus", alongside those of the enclosure walls and the outside accommodation, will enable us to limit the impact of the intervention. The volumes of the first floor will be covered with a clear tinted plaster. The windows will be painted in light color wood. The outer openings and the crowning will be marked by a stone from Lecce in simple profile. The wooden joists provided on the two leading terraces will also be painted as the fixtures.

Building Photo

Rendering, graphics and drawings