COMMERCIAL BUILDING - GALLIPOLI (LE), S.S. 274 - Fire safety Design

The fire prevention project on the adjustment to the fire regulations of a commercial property, as a result of internal restructuring and change of the type of business, resulting in the existing hazardous substances into the room.

The property will become a selling point of a major national retail chain.

The works, as mentioned, consist of works of Internal restructuring.

The building is composed of only the ground floor used as a general supermarket and containing goods of a local special reserves. E 'it isolated on all four sides.

The building is located on the S.S. 274, and occupies a floor area of 1,000 square meters.

The building is intended to general supermarket, it is realized with load bearing structures a.c. and for tamping of the masonry of 30 cm thickness, and will be composed by the set of individual functional units listed below:

  • sales area 
  • goods reserves
  • refrigerator compressor plant with central TN and BT in a special technical room
  • Fire water supply

In order to reduce the risk of fire two fire compartments have been created.

The activity is the sale of food products and not, with associated processing areas and a supply of goods.

The structure of the building is of the type framed with beams and pillars in c.a. (Concrete cover 3 cm), the cover is made of slabs of brick and cement-cm thick. 25 (concrete cover 1.5 cm.), While the seals are partly in lightweight concrete and partly in the thickness of cm tuff. 30.

The assessment of the fire load was made in function of the type of goods hypothesized present in the most severe situation and all of those fuels furnishings.

Were then identified areas of all commodities similar, has computed the theoretical volume from these busy (shelving surface x height Stacking theoretical = 1.80), the various waves produced get a real amount of commodity expressed in volume. At this point, each product was assigned the gross calorific value of power and has made the value of the fire load available for it.

A service activity will be the following fire protection systems:

  • Fire water system consists of No. 3 fire hoses DN 25 mm, all equipped with lance and hose 25 mt and installed in such a way as to cover, with its cast, the entire area
  • Fire extinguishers 6 kg. , powder of the type approved
  • Fire alarm system. In the building it will be installed a fire alarm system consists of a control unit, 3 to alert fire buttons, 1 electronic indoor siren
  • Safety signs.

Rendering, graphics and drawings