The intervention project involves the construction of a complex of residential construction in the CA-1 sector of the 2nd P.E.E.P. the town of Nardo.

The complex, for residential use, consists of a basement, a cellar destination / parking, two floors with residential destination.

The total height from the ground of the building will be about 7.3 m (except for the part of the complex with access to the terminal plane of cover that will have a height of about 10 m), in addition to the underground part of about 1.7 m.

The overall dimensions of the building are approximately 83 m x 30m (in plan).

The structure will be made of reinforced concrete, partly prefabricated off site.

In particular will be fully realized in work, in addition to foundations, vertical load-bearing structures, columns, septa, and nuclei, the beams of the floors of underground floors, the ground floor, dell'ammezzato and residential first floor, while all other floors They will be made with predalles and completion work in jets.

The seismic analysis performed, the linear static kind, was successful, with values of stresses and deformations that comply with the legislation (NTC 08).

Rendering, graphics and drawings