The intervention project includes renovation and expansion of an existing building. The building, for commercial use, consists of a basement and a ground floor which are not the subject of been refurbished and a first floor, second floor and hedged intervention.
The height of the roof of the building from the ground will be about 12.75 m to the side on Via Pagliano, of 12.00 m to the side of the course Roma and 15:50 m to the central portion of the building. The overall dimensions of the building are approximately 15:40 m x 16.00 m (in plan).
The existing structure is made of masonry carparo tufa stone. With regard to the extension, the walls and curtain walls will be realized in part in masonry of the same type and partly with lightweight concrete sandwich type panels - polystyrene. The floors will be made of polystyrene mixed lightened structures - reinforced concrete.
The seismic analysis performed, the linear static kind, was successful, with values of stresses and deformations that comply with the legislation (NTC 08).

In detail, the existing structure is characterized by numerous times, of the type in corners, at right angles and pavilion. In the modeling of the same, it has favored the inclusion of portions of masonry with a complete development from the foundations to the top of the building, thus making possible the identification of the masonry piers.
Since the structure in question is not an isolated building but is in contact with other buildings, it had to take into account interactions arising from structural contiguity.
The structural schematization of the building was performed with masonry walls.

Structural checks were positive.

Rendering, graphics and drawings