The fire prevention project on the adjustment to the fire regulations of a commercial space.

The property is the site of a major company that operates regionally.

The building consists of a ground floor used for exhibition and sale (except for a small proportion intended for assembling furniture program), a first floor for offices and a basement used as a store. The building is located in Nardò Contrada Sister Lucia. The building is realized with load bearing structures a.c. and masonry (brick and tufa).

The activity consists in the exposition and sale of bathroom furniture, shower cubicle, PVC materials, wall and floor with an adjoining small bathroom furniture furniture assembly area.

For the purpose of reducing the risk of fire, three fire compartments were created.

The calculation of the fire load is carried out following the method envisaged by D.M. 09/03/07. The workload of the fire compartment of the fuel material is determined by considering the quantities present in the same, resulting from the analysis of the thermal load. Then it is determined the class to be assigned to the compartment on the basis of the previously calculated value and the request for a service required.

The supporting structure of the building is part of the type framed with beams and pillars in c.a., partly in tuff and partly in brickwork. The roof is made in part with slabs of brick and cement type, partly with slabs a.c. and lightening polystyrene blocks and partly with metallic curved beams, thermal insulation panels and ceiling fire-resistant.

The assessment of the risk of fire was performed through the identification of hazards, identification of exposed workers and the verification of the compliance of the rules in question (mandatory or reference) and the general criteria for fire safety. For "dangers" they are meant all those factors capable of causing damage in case of fire.

A service activity will be the following fire protection systems:
- Fire Water system;
- Smoke detection system extended to the entire room;
- 6 kg extinguishers. chemical powder approved type;
- Fire alarm system;
- Safety signs

Rendering, graphics and drawings